In real life, everything is cross-disciplinary.

Not much to see here at the moment -- I'm probably obsessing about something else at the moment. I'll add stuff from time to time, and then one day I might make it all look pretty. (Yeah, right...)

Stuff that's here...

Board Games, mostly about the work I am doing in board game design and development.

Open University, my adventures in distance learning.

Domestic Plumbing, a short description of a basic domestic heating and water system, as explained to m by my father-in-law.

Twins Poem, written for a competition which I didn't win (I doubt I even came close!).

The Rubbish D6, my first working CGI program, ludicrously trivial but I'm just checking that things do what I think they do.

My Wish List, as people keep asking what I want for Xmas or birthdays and I never have a good answer off the top of my head.

Stuff that's somewhere else...

First Take Some Dice my blog about designing tabletop games.

Training a Gamer another blog, about being a dad and a gamer and the games I play with my daughter.

Me on Twitter, where I tweet occasionally.